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Club Med Guilin, China


From RM1,692

/ per person for 3 nights

" Majestic landscapes, inspiring sculpture garden, cultural encounters "

A majestic, beautifully preserved site, the most beautiful spot in the whole of China: the River Li, terraced rice fields, mysterious caves and karst mountains. A vast park with over 100 contemporary sculptures by international artists, ranked as the leading modern art collection in Asia. 

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  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Activities
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Perfect for:
Day 1 - 4 - Accommodation

3 nights accommodation in Club Med Guilin, China

Included Extras

Please find below a selection of extras that are included within the price of your tour.

- Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at L'atelier Restaurant
- Ala carte meal at Mongolian Specialty Restaurant
- Noodles at Noodle Bar
- Late lunch, snack, dinner & later dinner at Lotus Restaurant
All day unlimited bar with free flow of red/white wine, beer and beverages
Sports activities including tai chi, yoga, trapeze, biking, hiking, rock climbing, dance studio, pole dancing, archery, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton and soccer
Unique evening entertainment
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Club Med Guilin, China


From RM1,692

/ per person for 3 nights
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