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Australia ETA

An ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is an authorization to enter Australia territory, and is electronically linked to your passport. It is for short term stays for tourism or business visitor activities. Please ensure you use the same passport to enter Australia and you must ensure the validity of your passport covers the entire duration of your stay. 


ETA Approved Countries

Austria Greece Norway
Belgium Hong Kong Portugal
Brunei Iceland South Korea
Canada Ireland Singapore
Denmark Italy Spain
Finland Japan Sweden
France Malaysia Switzerland
Germany Netherlands United States

List of countries are subject to change. For other nationalities, please visit the nearest embassy or consulate of Australia Government to appy for a visa. 


Types of Visa


Holiday Visa

• See Friends & Family
• Stay up to 3 months per visit
• Valid 1 year from the date of issuance
• Mutiple entry allowed


Business Visa

Attend Conference, Seminars or Trade Fairs
• Stay up to 3 months per visit
• Valid 1 year from the date of issuance
• Mutiple entry allowed


The ETA does not apply for study, accompany a student or work including skilled, sponsored or short term work. Visa application must be made directly with the embassy. 


Processing Time

It is recommended to apply the Australia ETA at least 2 months before travel. In most cases, the ETA is granted within a short time. However at times, you may have to wait up to 24 hours. If your Australia ETA is not approved, please visit the embassy or consulate of the Australia Government to apply your visa. 

The Australia Government reserves the right to revoked your approved Australia ETA at anytime. Please check your email until your departure. In case your Australia ETA is revoked, please consult the embassy or consulate of the Australia Government. 


Processing Fees

• MYR25.00 per passport - if you made an Australia reservations with Holiday Tours.

• MYR60 per passport - visa application only. Please forward a copy of your flight, tour or cruise reservations for record purposes. 

Payment to be made via credit card or online bank transfer. No refunds will be provided in the event your Australia ETA is revoked or not approved. 


Visa Application

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